Shipping and Delivery is the charge for Internet order and Int'l shipping cost.
Delivery times are not guaranteed, but are our best approximation and will vary with specific requests. Shipments and deliveries only occur on weekdays. Shipping and Delivery is subject to change and will be determined at the time of order.

Estimated delivery time assumes orders are placed before 12:00 noon (JST). Orders placed late on Friday or on Saturday and Sunday will not be processed until Monday. Additional charges may accrue on Priority, Overnight and International shipping if multiple attempts are made for delivery.

We can ship your items within 3 business days after receiving cleared payment. Package arrives 7 to 14 business days after processing if ordered by 12:00 noon (JST).

Weight Asia,Middle East North America,Central America,and Canada,Oceania Europe South America,Africa
50g 530JPY 560JPY 560JPY 580JPY
100g 580JPY 635JPY 635JPY 685JPY
150g 630JPY 710JPY 710JPY 790JPY
200g 680JPY 710JPY 710JPY 790JPY
200g 730JPY 860JPY 860JPY 1,000JPY
250g 730JPY 860JPY 860JPY 1,000JPY
300g 780JPY 935JPY 935JPY 1,105JPY
400g 880JPY 1,085JPY 1,085JPY 1,315JPY
500g 980JPY 1,235JPY 1,235JPY 1,525JPY
600g 1,080JPY 1,385JPY 1,385JPY 1,735JPY
700g 1,180JPY 1,535JPY 1,535JPY 1,945JPY
800g 1,280JPY 1,685JPY 1,685JPY 2,155JPY
900g 1,380JPY 1,835JPY 1,835JPY 2,365JPY
1,000g 1,480JPY 1,958JPY 1,985JPY 2,575JPY
1,250g 1,700JPY 2,255JPY 2,255JPY 2,945JPY
1,500g 1,920JPY 2,525JPY 2,525JPY 3,315JPY
1,750g 2,140JPY 2,795JPY 2,795JPY 3,685JPY
2,000g 2,360JPY 3,062JPY 3,062JPY 4,055JPY